Software Programmer

Looking for Interns or Part-Time Employees with experience in Software Programming. This is currently only a part-time position or internship (20-25 hours per week) but could lead to full-time employment.) Please submit a resume if interested.

-Must know Python and C++

- Experience in working with open source Autopilots a plus (i.e.: Ardu Pilot, PixHawk, etc.)


UAV Technician

We are accepting resumes for UAV technicians.

Desired Qualifications and Requirements:

- Minimum High School Diploma
- Extensive R/C Aircraft Flying experience (R/C Aircraft building experience a plus)
- Preferably 2+ years of active UAV/UAS Piloting/Operations (will be flying aircraft with 40 inch to 18 foot wingspans) 
- Familiarity with a variety of autopilot systems a plus
- Must have, or be willing and able to obtain a Private Pilot License
- Excellent verbal and writing skills
- Experience in training other pilots/operators preferred 


We are accepting resumes for a UAV Pilot. This position is on an “As-needed”/Part-Time basis, but may lead to full time employment.


-Extensive experience in flying and maintaining R/C aircraft (both fixed wing and rotorcraft a must)

-Military background and security clearance is a plus

-Available to fly 2-20 hours per week as needed

-Available to travel


Paid flying and travel time. Please contact us for more information.



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