Custom Aircraft Design

You have a variety of uses in mind for a UAV, but the systems you have used previously, or have found for sale, are not capable of doing all that you envision. Let Theiss UAV Solutions help you bring your visions to reality.

In addition to providing COTS available UAV Airframes and Systems, Theiss UAV Solutions excels in designing, building and testing prototype aircraft to meet specific client performance requirements. The unique Theiss UAV construction techniques allow rapid fabrication of lightweight, high performance, low cost airframe solutions.

Theiss UAV Solutions boasts a 100% success rate on designing, building and testing prototype aircraft of both traditional and non-traditional configurations.

If you can't find a suitable COTS UAV Platform or System to meet your specific needs, please contact us for a personal quote. We are confident you will be pleasantly surprised at what we can do for your project.