Theiss “Red Team” Services for Counter UAS 

You have assets that are susceptible to possible attacks by Drones, and you want to find and assess the best Counter-Drone Technologies to meet your needs. But how do you find, test, and evaluate these technologies in a real-world scenario to assure they will provide the protection you need? The Theiss Red Team (TRT) Services Group is able to provide that solution! 

The members of the TRT Services Group have over 40 years of experience in designing, building, and flying both COTS and custom-built radio-controlled aircraft and drones. Our team is highly experienced in integrating and operating various autopilot systems and payloads to produce aircraft of varying capabilities… the same capabilities that an adversary could employ against you. Coupled with the vast experience in producing these unmanned aircraft, the TRT Members have been immersed since 2014 in the development of Counter-UAS (C-UAS) Technologies and the various competing C-UAS technologies that have been and continue to be under development. 

Because of this experience in both producing the potential “threat” and the “solution” to the threat, the TRT Services Group is able to offer insight and provide real-world scenarios like no other group offering Red Team services. If you want to effectively defend yourself from an adversaries’ attack, you have to think like your adversary… you have to know what they are capable of. We view our clients from their adversary's perspectives and apply techniques and strategies currently in use, and evolving techniques and strategies that are to come from those adversaries. 


C-UAS Test Planning and Execution

  • TRT can provide consultation of current available threat technologies, and design real-world intrusion and attack scenarios with those threat technologies to test the effectiveness of the C-UAS System(s) under evaluation. TRT can provide the flight scenario planning, the UAS threats (target drones), UAS pilots to execute the flight scenarios, and post-test evaluation of the C-UAS System(s). 

COTS Unmanned threat system provision and employment

  • TRT can provide any of the popular off-the-shelf “Drones” and is able to operate them in real-world intrusion or attack scenarios.

Custom Unmanned threat system fabrication and employment

  • TRT can design and fabricate custom “Drones” with desired attributes (ie: non-GPS, non-manual control, low radar cross sections, etc.), and is able to operate them in real-world intrusion or attack scenarios.

C-UAS System Assessment and Evaluation

  • TRT will assess the performance of C-UAS System(s) against the target drones, and will identify the System’s strengths, weaknesses, and potential weaknesses. 

Contact Theiss UAV Solutions today to find out how the Theiss Red Team Services Group can help you plan, test, and evaluate C-UAS Technologies the correct way!

Flight Services

You need aerial imaging to better assess where to focus your energies and resources, but you don’t have the ability or desire to acquire your own UAV equipment, and you don’t want the responsibility of maintaining the required FAA pilot certifications to operate a UAV. We can help you!

This step in airspace cohabitation between unmanned and manned aircraft is a tremendous benefit for non-DoD entities. The use of UAVs offers significant reductions in maintenance/operational costs, and tremendous increases in safety and proficiency previously unobtainable by non-DoD entities.

Whether it be 3D mapping, inspections or area wide assessments, the requirement for inspection personnel to be elevated in some way is apparent. With that requirement also comes the requirement to perform these inspections in a safe, proficient, and legal manner.

With Theiss UAV Solutions Field Teams, the information you need is provided quickly with state-of-the-art equipment flown by FAA certified UAV Operators that have your needs and reputation in mind.

This is a 3D scan of the McKinley Monument in Canton, Ohio. The total scan time was less than 15 minutes. The 3D model was completed by the end of the day.