You have your UAV equipment and you’re ready to start using this new powerful tool, but you just realized that you and your other UAV Operators are not legally certified by the FAA to fly your UAV. Theiss UAV Solutions will train you and your Operators in both the classroom and in the field so that you are prepared to pass the required FAA certification test.

Contrary to popular belief, there is a crucial difference between an R/C pilot and a certified UAV pilot: one is legally able to operate a UAV for commercial use, and the other is not. UAV Pilots may fly similar aircraft as a novice or hobby pilot, but they must have the head knowledge and experience of a manned aircraft pilot as well. UAV Pilots have been instructed in and have passed required written FAA Airman Knowledge tests, in addition to flying many hours in both manned and unmanned aircraft.

Theiss UAV Solutions provides both the “hands-on” flight training and the airman knowledge training necessary for successfully passing the written FAA Airman Knowledge test, to yield a legal, safe, and proficient FAA certified UAV Pilot.